Every day, companies, political parties, newspapers, TV stations, and brands compete for our attention. If you were in charge of marketing or public relations in one of these organizations, how would you successfully reach your audience? In this course, we will learn some of the basics of marketing and public relations using social media, online video, blogs, mobile apps, and viral marketing. Students will begin to think like a digital marketing professional.

In particular, students will learn the skills necessary to function in an English media/communications environment, using popular global digital media.

We are surrounded by media. Television, films, advertisements, SNS, social media, radio...the list goes on. There is an endless flow of media images, messages, and discourses, that may (or may not) shape our knowledge and understanding of world events, politics, values, desires, even how we view ourselves.

This course introduces students to the history, social impact, and structure of major media outlets (TV, newspapers, radio, film, and the Internet), in particular in North America (where many mass media theories have originated from).

The ultimate goal of the course is to 1) prepare students to think critically about mass media and its influence on the public, and 2) allow students to become familiar with media outside of Japan.